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Do you have an old VHS that you'd just love to see again but no longer have a player? How about converting it to DVD or even Digital Copy.

  VHS to DVD - £15                           Additional DVD copy - £5                      

  DVD is printed with personalised writing

 and in a Jewel DVD case.  

How Do I Order?

Simply Head to our Contact Page and Let us know what service you would like to use.

How Do I get my VHS(s) to you?

Currently we are only offering a pickup and drop off service. Simply let us know where you require pickup from and we will arrange a suitable time. (Cambridge Only). 

How Long Does it take? 

We aim to have your images ready for you within 3 days, however at busier times it may be within 5 days.

Are my Videos Safe?

 We are very careful with every single VHS will get. We take our time to ensure the best service, memories are important and we recognise this. However there is a small degree of risk. The process involves playing the VHS, therefore if the VHS is already damaged or if it gets jammed in the player there could be irreversible damage. We only feel its right to warn you of this small possibility. 

We are able to clean up the Video quality in some cases, this will be done automatically unless specified. 

VHS Restoration
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