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Somewhere In Time

A captivating look at the theme of memory through a collection of found footage. Exploring moments in time and acknowledging our own failure to recall events as and when they happened.

Somewhere In Time

This film began when I purchased a 16mm film projector that came with 9 cine films. Watching them was mesmerising.  I wanted to tell these people’s story, I started thinking about memory. I personally struggle to recall certain moments in my past, so I wanted to explore this within the film. The fact that I had no knowledge of these people helped me to create an almost imagined, collective memory of their experiences.

I felt incredibly privileged to be able to see into these strangers' lives; it felt so intimate and there was a huge mixture of emotion. I feel it is my duty as custodian of these films to preserve and protect them but also to share this window into the past.

                                               - Robert Oliver (Director)


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